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Welcome to 2016!!! This should be a great year for Cowboy Fast Draw, especially here in Virginia and the Eastern U.S. Territory! It is already off to a great start with great matches from the Virginia Peacemakers and the Grandview Gunslingers. And New River Fast Draw will be conducting their first match of the year on Sunday, January 24th!!

Clubs all over the area East Of The Mississippi are already conducting matches and enjoying our sport. Demands are coming in regularly for demos, Townsfolk Alleys, and remote matches. Here at Old Dominion Fast Draw (ODFD), we are busy working on scheduling some exciting events throughout the year including “SHOWDOWN IN DIXIE”, THE 2016 CFDA VIRGINIA STATE AND EASTERN U.S. TERRITORIAL CHAMPIONSHIPS!!! This event is scheduled for JULY 7TH, 8TH, 9TH AND 10TH!! It will be held in AMELIA COURTHOUSE, at the Amelia Fair Grounds. Information for the match is on ODFD’s website, the CFDA’s website, and many of the Eastern U.S. Territorial CFDA Clubs websites, including Match Registration Forms. I urge you to register early to get in on the “Early Registration Gun Drawings!!!”

Also… a Big Announcement!!! TAYLOR’S AND COMPANY are once again being one of our major SHOWDOWN IN DIXIE Sponsors!!!! They are providing 4 (four) of the NEW RANCH HAND SAA PISTOLS with specially treated and finished cylinders called the BLACK ROCK FINISH, which has a hardening affect on the cylinders. Quick Cal worked with Taylor’s and Company in development of this pistol targeting Cowboy Fast Draw Competitors. The Pistols will be awarded to each of the Overall Men’s and Women’s 2016 Virginia State and Eastern U.S. Territorial Champions!!!  Taylor’s And Company has also signed on as a sponsor of Cowboy Fast Draw by supplying several of these new pistols to the CFDA.

THANK YOU TAYLOR’S AND COMPANY for your support of  “SHOWDOWN IN DIXIE” and COWBOY FAST DRAW!!!!! I urge everyone to consider their products when looking for your Cowboy Shooting Sports Firearms!!


 If you have any questions about “Showdown In Dixie” or your visit to our great state of Virginia, let us know.

Stay tuned for announcements on upcoming Cowboy Fast Draw events in Virginia and the Eastern U.S. Territory including the Flatlanders Shootist Society’s Second Anniversary Match on March 6th at the Wyoming Antelope Club in Clearwater, Florida. Contact Yusta B Fast at d43lester@yahoo.com or 727-522-5068.

I hope to see ya soon!!!!


aka Jeff Duncan

CFDA Regulator and U.S. Marshal

Old Dominion Fast Draw

P.O. Box 1052

Salem, Virginia 24153