ODFD (Virginia) Gunfighter News

Latest Telegraph From Ringo:



The shooting and match season of Cowboy Fast draw in Virginia is in full swing! Virginia’s CFDA Clubs are very active and running some very exciting matches.


A reminder… “SHOWDOWN IN DIXIE 2016” is almost here!!! The dates areJuly 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th. Details of the match are on Old Dominion Fast Draw’s website atwww.virginiafastdraw.com and atwww.cowboyfastdraw.com. If you have any questions, let me know!!!! We look forward to being host to our friends as well as making new ones!


The Strawberry Festival match last month at Moneta Virginia was a lot of fun. We always enjoy the attention from the events spectators. Comments from the Festival Staff were very appreciative and complimentary about our participation there. We were asked to come back next year and we plan to do so!!


Congrats to our Match Winners!!! Big Ugly Malone for the Men’s Division and Slowpoke for the Women’s Division.


We are now making preparations for this weekend’s “SHOWDOWN AT TRADER JERRYS”!!! I was by their shop yesterday and they are excited once again for our participation in their event. Not only will we have 2 days to show what Cowboy Fast Draw is all about, but Trader Jerrys is stocking up this week for some great deals on firearms. I have been getting several enquiries about Cowboy Fast Draw being there this weekend, so I am sure we will have plenty of opportunity to show a lot of folks how much fun our sport is.


I want to take a minute and talk about Trader Jerrys… They have been a great dedicated supporter of Cowboy Fast Draw and of EVERY State Match we have put together. They never hesitate in their support and are enthusiastic about our participation in their promotions. They have once again stepped up and are sponsoring Showdown In Dixie with providing a couple of firearms as prizes. I urge you to promote and recommend them when in conversation with folks looking for future firearm purchases or shooting needs. Their service is always friendly and they keep a great selection of firearms and supplies. And when you visit them, please tell them “Thank You” for their support of Cowboy Fast Draw and our Virginia Clubs.


And now details about this weekend,June 17th and 18th.


FRIDAY:  will be a Townsfolk Alley throughout the entire day. We will meet at Trader Jerrys at 7am to begin the set-up. Any help in that effort would be most appreciated. If anyone would like to hang out with us throughout the day, we would appreciate that as well!! This is always a busy Townsfolk Alley and we certainly appreciate our Gunfighters helping out. It’s always a lot of fun and gratifying to see folks trying out Cowboy Fast Draw for the very first time. The Townsfolk Alley will begin around 9am and we will be there until approximately 6pm. And of course, we will take time between participants and shoot with each other. It’s a good way to get in some practice as well as having a great time. If you can be there all day or even a part of the day, it would be most appreciated!!




LOCATION: TRADER JERRYS, 724 W. 4th St, Salem Va, 24153

TIMES: Registration begins at 8:30am. The Safety Meeting begins at 9:30, and the Match begins at 10am.

FEE: $25.00 (ODFD and NRFD Club discounts do apply), Spouse or additional family member, $10.00.

MATCH FORMAT: We will be shooting six (6) rounds with no one being X’d out. However, we will be keeping tract of your X’s and your times to determine placements for the Championship Style Shoot Offs in each Division, 7 for the Men, 5 for the Women, and 3 for the Youth. All of those placements will be given awards.

This is a “FAST AND FURIOUS” event, all shot at 15 feet. It is a “3 out of 5”, Shotgun Primered” match.


This is a joint match of Old Dominion Fast Draw and New River Fast Draw. Points for Top Gun in each of those clubs will be counted at this match.


Come and support us!! And enjoy another couple of days of Cowboy Fast Draw while showing support for one of our biggest and most dedicated sponsors!!





aka Jeff Duncan

CFDA Regulator and U.S. Marshal

Old Dominion Fast Draw

Salem Va

Cell 540-819-1697