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Latest Telegraph From Ringo:

May 4th, 2016


There is soooo much going on here in Virginia and the Eastern U.S. Territory!! Cowboy Fast Draw is growing with leaps and bounds on this side of the Mississippi and promises to grow even more with new clubs and constant growth in membership. There are some exciting matches being held by some great CFDA Clubs. Showing up at a Cowboy Fast Draw match is a great place to go to see plenty of smiling faces and enthusiastic Gunfighters.

Before I go much further… I just want to say again how much we will miss our good friend and fellow Gunfighter, Buffalo Kid (Tony Wright). His recent passing was a terrible blow to our Cowboy Fast Draw family. He was such an active part of our efforts in growing our sport throughout our Territory. We will miss his smile, his humor, and his support, loyalty, and dedication to the CFDA and its Clubs. He was a great friend to us and our sport.

Congratulations to SLOWPOKE, aka Brenda Brazauskas, for her recent CFDA Territorial Wins!!! She won the “Four Corners Territorial Championship” in Phoenix Arizonaand the “Southern Territorial Championship” in Fort Worth,Texas! She also holds the title of Ladies Champion in the Eastern U.S. Territory! Virginia is so proud of her for her accomplishments and sincerely thanks her for her representation of our great state throughout the United States! “GO SLOWPOKE”!!! Awesome lady… Awesome Gunfighter!!!!

I want to also bring attention to our friends and CFDA members in Florida! They currently have 5 active CFDA Clubs working hard to promote Cowboy Fast Draw by recruiting new members while conducting some really great matches. Florida is a fantastic place for vacation and now offers several locations for Cowboy Fast Draw opportunities to add to your plans. There will also be a Florida State Championship in May of 2017!!! We are very excited about that!! I’m sure details with be forthcoming.

Of course The Kentucky State Championship is scheduled for September 8th-11th of this year and I’m sure it will be another great event conducted by Shane and his fantastic group of Gunfighters!!

And I know our clubs in Maine,Pennsylvania, North Carolina andGeorgia are working hard as well! They are some fine folks and part of our CFDA Family of Gunfighters here in the CFDA’s EasternTerritory. I look forward to seeing and shooting with them all soon!

As for here in Virginia, we are “extremely busy” with our club’s monthly matches and other activities. The Virginia Peacemakers held their Monthly Match this past Sunday with 42 competitors!! It was a great match with several new Gunfighters in attendance. We had a blast! Spanky and crew do a great job of running an exciting match and showing great Southern Hospitality.

On May 13th and 14th (Friday and Saturday), a few of us will be atTAYLOR’S AND COMPANY inWinchester, Virginia at their OPEN HOUSE. This is an event that Old Dominion Fast Draw (ODFD) has supported and participated in each year! We will be conducting a 2 day TOWNSFOLK ALLEY giving Taylor’s and Company’s customers and guests an opportunity to try out Cowboy Fast Draw. We will be there from 8am-6pm on Friday and 8am-3pm on Saturday. Any help from our Virginia Gunfighters would be most appreciated. Come on out in your best “Gunfighter Attire” and see the excitement of folks trying out Cowboy Fast Draw for the first time!! Let me know if you can make it!!

“TAYLOR’S AND COMPANY” is one of our Major Match Sponsors of “SHOWDOWN IN DIXIE”!!

On Sunday, May 15th, The Grandview Gunslingers will be conducting their monthly match at their home range in BedfordVirginia. Shenandoah and crew have been doing a lot of work on their range and are looking forward to this match to show their range improvements. It will surely be an exciting match! I’m sure they will be sending out details soon!

On Saturday, May 21st, Old Dominion Fast Draw (ODFD) and New River Fast Draw (NRFD) are once again teaming up to present The “STRAWBERRY FESTIVALSHOOTOUT” at the Scotts Strawberry Festival in Moneta Virginia. ODFD and NRFD have teamed up for a few years to participate in this “growing event”. This years Festival will be including Carnival Rides, Food and Craft Vendors, music with live bands, a petting zoo, wagon rides, “Strawberries”, AND Cowboy Fast Draw!! There will be plenty to do for the whole family! We always draw a great crowd of spectators and conduct an exciting match! This match counts as points for both ODFD and NRFD clubs. Representatives from all ofVirginia’s Clubs will be there! This event is a great way of promoting our sport state wide! Club leaders; be sure to bring info on your clubs to give out to prospective new Gunfighters!!

Here are the details!!

LOCATION: Scotts Strawberry Farm, 5234 Joppa Mill Rd., Moneta,VA.

TIMES: Registration begins at 8:30am. The Safety Meeting begins at 9:30, and the Match begins at 10am.

*** We will be there at 7am to begin set up… Any help would be most appreciated.

FEE: $25.00 (ODFD and NRFD Club discounts do apply)

MATCH FORMAT: We will be shooting six (6) rounds with no one being X’d out. However, we will be keeping tract of your X’s and your times to determine placements for the Championship Style Shoot Offs in each Division, 7 for the Men, 5 for the Women, and 5 for the Youth. All of those placements will be given awards.

This is a “FAST AND FURIOUS”event, all shot at 15 feet. It is a “3 out of 5”, Shotgun Primered” match.

“This will surely be an exciting match that you won’t want to miss!!!” There will also be plenty of things to do, see, eat, and participate in during the Festival. Fun for the entire family and invited friends! I hope to see you there!!!!

June will also be an exciting and busy month for Cowboy Fast Draw in Virginia!! The Virginia Peacemakers, The Grandview Gunslingers, and New River Fast Draw will be conducting their regular monthly matches as scheduled. I’m sure info for those matches will be forthcoming from those clubs. On  JUNE 17th and 18th, Old Dominion Fast Draw will be participating in TRADER JERRY’S OPEN HOUSE AND CUSTOMERAPPRECIATION DAYS in SalemVirginia. We will be conducting a Townsfolk Alley on Friday the 17th, and conducting the “Gunfight at Trader Jerry’s” on Saturday, June 18th. The format, times and other info of the match (other than the dates of course) will be the same as the Strawberry Festival Shootout. “TRADER JERRY’S IS ALSO ONE OF OUR MAJOR MATCH SPONSORS OF SHOWDOWN IN DIXIE”!!

“SHOWDOWN IN DIXIE”, the CFDA’s 2016 VIRGINIA STATE AND EASTERN U.S. TERRITORIAL CHAMPIONSHIPS is almost here!!! The Dates are JULY 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th. Info for “Showdown In Dixie” can be found onwww.virginiafastdraw.com. If you have any questions of if we can help in your visit to Virginia, please let us know!!!

Lastly, The SOUTHFORK RANGERS in Wytheville Virginia, led by Southfork Slim has elected to NOT affiliate with the Cowboy Fast Draw Association and to not be part of our great CFDA Family. They are no longer a CFDA “Club In The Works”. And any events they are promoting or conducting in the future are NOT affiliated with the CFDA in any way. We wish them the best in their future endeavors.

I hope to see you soon on the line!!!

“Riding For The Brand!!!”


aka Jeff Duncan

CFDA Regulator and U.S. Marshal

Old Dominion Fast Draw

Salem, VA