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ODFD (Virginia) Gunfighter News June 2015

Latest Telegraph From Ringo:




Time to once again, strap on leather and iron and show up for exciting gunfights at one of the best and most exciting Cowboy Fast Draw Matches of the year!! The TRADER JERRY’S SHOOTOUT!! At Trader Jerry’s Gun Shop on 4th Street in Salem Virginia!

Everyone is excited about the match!! Folks are contacting me to make sure we are going to once again be there. Not only will we be having “one heck of a shootout”, but there will also be free food, deals on firearms, ammo, equipment, and “PLENTY” of spectators!

So… please make the effort to attend! Wear your best gunfighting clothes and prepare to once again be the great ambassadors of Cowboy Fast Draw that you always are!

This is what it’s all about!! Great Cowboy Fast Draw competition, and working with one of our biggest supporters of Cowboy Fast Draw, the Virginia CFDA Clubs, and “Showdown In Dixie”… TRADER JERRY’S!!

Here are details of the weekend activities and match….


Trader Jerry’s Sale Event begins. ODFD will be there running a “TOWNSFOLK ALLEY” free for the customers of Trader Jerry’s! We will be there at “7AM” to begin setting up! If you have time on Friday, come on out and hang out with us showing folks what our sport is all about. Plus, you just might have some time to practice for Saturday’s Match!! I would imagine folks will be showing up to check things out after 9am. We will be there most of the day, so come on out!!!


Registration for the match will begin at 8:30am. The Safety Meeting begins at 9:30. The Match will begin at 10. We will be shooting 6 rounds with no one being “X’d” out. However, we keep track of your X’s and times to determine the Magnificent 7 Shootoffs. It is a “FAST AND FURIOUS MATCH”, meaning it will all be shot at 15 feet. We will be shooting the “Quick 57” format and this is a shotgun primered event. We will be awarding plaques for the Top 5 Men and Women and paper Certificates to 6th and 7th. There will be plaques for the Top 3 Youth.

Here are the fees:

Match Fee  $25.00

Spouse        $10.00

Additional Family member  $10.00

Family Fee (4 or more) $50.00

Founding or Lifetime Members $10.00

“USE” of Club Ammo $10.00 per box of 50 (balance of ammo to be returned if not used)

See ya this weekend!!!!! It’s gonna be a blast!!!!


aka Jeff Duncan

CFDA Regulator and U.S. Marshal

Old Dominion Fast Draw

Roanoke, VA

Cell 540-819-1697