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“SHOWDOWN IN DIXIE”, the 2016 CFDA VIRGINIA STATE AND EASTERN U.S. TERRITORIAL CHAMPIONSHIPS are scheduled for JULY 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th!! It is going to be held at the Amelia County Fairgrounds in Amelia Virginia.
The Virginia Clubs are proud to be hosting this event with the help and support from the other Clubs in the Territory! All are working hard to put on a great match and to welcome everyone to the EAST!!!
Most details including hotels and camping info will be on our website very soon (www.virginiafastdraw.com)!! So keep checking it for updates! But this is a general idea of how it will work!
Thursday, July 7thth, VIRGINIA STATE CATEGORY CHAMPIONSHIP MATCHES. They are ‘stand alone”, “3X”, “3 out of 5”, LAST MAN STANDING matches shot at 21feet. Ammo will be supplied! We will have 3 RANGES with 3 Category Matches running simultaneously.
Friday July 8th, the CFDA’s 2016 VIRGINIA STATE CHAMPIONSHIP! It is a “LAST MAN STANDING”, “3 OUT OF 5”, “4X” event shot at 21 feet. We will shoot the entire match this day running 3 ranges (18 lanes). Awards will be given out at the end of the match (Friday).
Saturday July 9th, the 2016 CFDA EASTERN U.S. TERRITORIALCHAMPIONSHIPS! It is a “3 out of 5”, “4X”, event shot at 21 feet. The “Magnificent 7” will be shooting it out in a Championship Format to determine final placements. We will be shooting at least seven rounds this day on three ranges.
Sunday, July 10th… The Territorial Main Match resumes and it will continue until the Top 7 Men and Top 7 Women are determined. The Resurrection Match will begin as well! Overall Magnificent 7 Shoot-Offs will begin immediately after the Resurrection Match and Magnificent 7 are determined!!! Awards will be presented immediately after competitions are over.
ANNOUNCING!!! EARLY REGISTRATION DRAWINGS!!!! The “FIRST 25” registrations will be in a drawing for an 1873 Single Action Handgun (Pietta, Uberti or Ruger, depending on availability). The Second Early Registration for “Another Handgun” must be received by May 1st 2016. A third firearm will also be given away as a door prize! All registrations stay in the drawings to offer further opportunities to win!!!
We are very excited to host this and are looking forward to seeing old friends and meet a bunch of new ones. If there is anything we can do to help you on your visit, please let us know!
Attached is a “Flyer”, Schedule (subject to change), and REGISTRATION FORM!
aka Jeff Duncan
Match Director, “Showdown In Dixie”
CFDA Regulator and U.S. Marshal
Old Dominion Fast Draw
Salem, VA