Standing Rules & By-laws

Old Dominion Fast Draw (ODFD) is a shooting organization following the rules and guidelines of the Cowboy Fast Draw Association (CFDA). The Main Objective of this organization is the promotion and education of safe and proficient use of firearms, while enjoying a sport based on the traditions and legends of the American Old West. The Main Policy of this organization is to welcome any person of good character and to maintain a code of good sportsmanship in a friendly competitive environment.


Founding Members: These are members that contributed a fee of $200.00 in helping the establishment of ODFD in 2008. This was a onetime fee and is a Lifetime Membership to ODFD. They never have to pay any future membership fees to ODFD in addition to receiving ½ off of practice and/or match fees that are not CFDA Sanctioned events such as State or Regional matches.

ODFD Regular Yearly Membership: This is a membership available to anyone after paying a yearly membership fee of $25.00 due in January of each year. Each member will receive a membership card for the paid year. This provides a person the opportunity to participate in the Top Gun Standings (more details below) while also meeting a requirement for competition as ODFD Club Champion.

NOTE: A competitor does not have to be a member of ODFD to compete in monthly matches or practices. However, not being a member disqualifies the competitor from participating in the TOP GUN AWARD program and the position of ODFD CLUB CHAMPION.

ALL MEMBERS will make the effort to join and keep membership in the Cowboy Fast Draw Association as well as the National Rifle Association.

MEMBERSHIP in this club is non-transferable.



All ODFD Club matches shall be governed by the current edition of the CFDA Gunslinger’s Guidelines.


The Club Champions will be determined by being declared the winners of the match in each calendar year designated as the ODFD CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP. Each Club Champion must be a member in good standing of ODFD and the CFDA. They must have competed in a minimum of three (3) ODFD matches in that calendar year in addition to the Club Championship Match.

ODFD reserves the right to expel any person from the property at any practice or match who in their opinion acts  in an unsportsmanlike or unsafe manner.