Virginia Peacemakers


About the Club:

Virginia Peacemakers is a sanctioned club of the Cowboy Fast Draw Association (CFDA) that is headquartered in Fernley Nevada. We are located in beautiful Amelia Court House VA, and are part of the fastest growing western shooting sport in the world.

Cowboy Fast Draw has been featured on several TV shows, especially on the Outdoor Channel.  We are part of a shooting venue that relates back to the time period of 1870 to 1900 where the lore and legend of the “Gunfighter” was created.  All of us grew up with memories of sitting in front of the TV watching shows like “Gunsmoke”, “Have Gun Will Travel”, “Rawhide”, and many others.  In our sport, we bring that era to life in a SAFE, exciting, and competitive shooting sport. Two competitors, dressed in period “Cowboy or Gunfighter” attire will stand “side to side”, facing a 2 foot steel circle target 15 to 21 feet in front of them. They wait on the commands….“Shooters On the Line, Shooters…. Set!” Then between 2 to 5 seconds, a light in the middle of the targets will come on simultaneously and the competitors will draw, cock their single action revolvers, and shoot wax bullets at the targets. The shooter that HITS the target, with the fastest time recorded by impact sensors on the targets, wins that shot. They keep doing this until one of the shooters gets 3 winning hits and is then declared winner of that round. It is a fun, adrenaline filled shooting sport that is safe, competitive, and fun!! It is also a venue that teaches safe and proper gun handling skills in the process.  You can check it out by going to the Cowboy Fast Draw Associations website at  
Come to the Fairgrounds in Amelia Virginia, on the First Sunday of each month and join us in our matches.  If your a new shooter, the first one is FREE!  Registration begins at 8:30, match starts at 10:00.

Latest From Spanky:



Howdy Gunfighter’s

We had another “GREAT” shoot yesterday for our April 2016 shoot. We had 35 Shooters battling it out for top awards, Congratulations to our Division Winners!!
Men’s Division: Big Ugly
Ladies Division: Slowpoke
Youth Division: Moonlight Rider

Full Match Standings results at the end of this email.
We also had 4 “Brand New” CFDA and Virginia Peacemakers members shoot their very first match!! Welcome to our new members!
Kopper Head Kid, Italian Stallion, Buzzard Bait and Charles City, we are honored you have chosen Cowboy Fast Draw to participate in and we look forward to many years of shooting competition, but most of all welcome you to the best group of friends you will ever have who we prefer to call our “Family”
We also had 4 Spectators try Fast Draw in between rounds and they seem “hooked” we hope to make them CFDA members and Virginia Peacemakers members real soon!!
Our participation in the last 2 Gun Shows in the Richmond area has been VERY SUCCESSFUL!
Thanks so much to our members who gave their time and effort to help out at the Gun shows, I plan to do another one in May, more info on that later.
Thanks again to everyone who brought food for us to enjoy, you efforts are deeply appreciated!! if any shooter wants to bring something feel free to bring your favorite dish or dessert and we will gladly partake.
The plan is to shoot outside for our May match! More details on that soon!
Next Sunday we will heading to Bedford for theGrandview Gunslingers April shoot, be sure to saddle up and make it down to support Shenandoah and Miss. Shotwell with their match. details

Cant wait to see everyone real soon!!


Men’s Division:                       Fastest time:
1st: Big Ugly                             .389
2nd: B.A.                                   .488
3rd: Saddle Tramp                   .511
4th: Gray Rider                         .545
5th: Marshall Wyatt Earp       .595
6th: Long Ranger:                    .429
7th: Silver Bullett                     .470
8th: G.W. Sellinger                   .457
9th: Spanky                               .501
10th: Loco Lobo                       .726
11th: Slow Rider                       .575
12th: Shenandoah                   .368
13th: Cooter                             .389
14th: Texas Pete                       .531
15th: Sagebrush Coyote         .489
16th: Southern Cowboy         .612
17th: Kopper Head Kid           .552
18th: Jasper Jack                     .675
19th: Usskey                            .651
20th: Too Slow Jo                    .674
21st: German Cowboy           .709
22nd: Italian Stallion              .962
23rd: Red Moon                      .735
24th: Cherokee Kid                 .835
25th: Charles City                   1.025
26th: Buzzard Bait:                   .744
27th: Horsetheif                       .741

Ladies Division:

1st: Slowpoke                           .504
2nd: Hotlead Hooligan            .542
3rd: Lonestar Lil                        .674
4th: Miss Shotwell                   .690
5th: Pony Tail                            .785
6th: Billie Sioux                        .592
7th: Shyanne                            1.058
8th: Moonlight Rider               1.275

Youth Division:
1st: Moonlight Rider               1.275